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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Zimbabwe Educcation

INHEA Higher Education Profile:

Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education:

Includes a comprehensive listing of universities and higher education institutions
System of Education:

UNESCO International Bureau of Education – Zimbabwe Resources :

University Listings:

Non-university level institutions of higher education may also be included

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Uganda education

INHEA Higher Education Profile:

International Institute for Communication and Development:

Organization designed to help countries increase communication technologies; includes information about education projects undertaken in Uganda
Ministry of Education and Sports:

Includes information about scholarships, jobs and links to university websites
System of Education:

UNESCO International Bureau of Education – Uganda Resources :

University Listings:

Non-university level institutions of higher education may also be included

Monday, 12 August 2013

Tunisia education

Education System Information
Higher Education in Tunisia (English, French, Arabic):

General information about the higher education system; statistics; links to higher education establishments; news.
INHEA Higher Education Profile:

System of Education:

UNESCO International Bureau of Education – Tunisia Resources :

WENR - Education in Tunisia:

Government Links
Government of Tunisia:

Ministry of Education (French, Arabic, English):

Provides information about the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Vocational Education and Employment, and the Ministry of Higher Education.
Educational Institutions
Tunisian Virtual School:

A good source of information for those researching Tunisian higher education, including links to university websites, research and current events
University Listings:

Non-university level institutions of higher education may also be included
Information for International Students

Administers exchange programs with the U.S. and provides resources and English language instruction for students wishing to study abroad
University Mission of Tunisia:

Provides financial aid, information and services for Tunisian students studying in North America, as well as informing about job and investment opportunities in Tunisia, while enhancing educational cooperation between Tunisia and North America.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Russian Federation education

Education System Information
ENIC - NARIC Russia Profile:

Higher Education National Report:

Russia Higher Education National Report for the Workshop “Central Asia Higher Education in Transition: 10 Years Later - Experience, Lessons and Future Strategy”
Higher Educational System of the Russian Federation:

Informika (Russian):

Has extensive information on the Russian system of education and various databases
System of Education:

UNESCO - International Bureau of Education Russia Resources:

WENR - Education in the Russian Federation:

WENR - New Structure of Higher Education in Russia:

Government Links
Government Website - Vocational Education (Russian):

List of vocational majors/specializations
Ministry of Education (Russian):

Provides an overview of education in Russia at all levels of study as well as regulatory information
Educational Institutions
Military Institutions (Russian):

Post-secondary Institutions:

Accredited post-secondary institutions (search by first letter)
Technical & Engineering Universities of Russia:

Clickable map and searchable database of universities by region
University Listings (English):

Compiled by Russian ENIC (NOTE: list is NOT comprehensive and some English translations are inaccurate)
University Listings (Russian):

Ministry-sponsored website that allows a search by city for higher education institutions offering equivalents to a Bachelor's degree and higher (universities, academies, and institutes) (NOTE: not all information is up-to-date)
University Listings (Russian):

Comprehensive Russian institution database (search by institution name)
Accreditation Bodies
National Accreditation Center:

Information on accreditation and licensing and a list of accredited higher education institutions (only includes institutions offering equivalents to a Bachelor's degree and higher); the names of institutions are transliterations from Russian
Professional Bodies
Association for International Education:

Non-profit organization working for the development of international cooperation in traditional and distance education. Hosts the Russian branch of the International Council for Open and Distance Education
Distance Education:

Listing of distance education providers in Russia
Open Society - Russia, Ukraine & Belarus:

Describes OSI initiatives aiding development in these countries
Russian Association for Engineering Education - Accreditation Center:

Non-governmental and voluntary professional accreditation
Russian Union of Rectors (Russian):

Bologna Process
Bologna National Report 2005:

Information for International Students
Center for Educational Activities (Russian):

Overseas recognition of foreign credentials (apostilles & nostrification) - (NOTE: contact information not always updated)
Diplomas/Qualifications Samples:

Provided by Russian ENIC - presents color samples of many qualification documents from the education system in Russia
Fulbright Commission:

Provides information on educational exchange between the U.S. and Turkmenistan
National Information Center on Academic Recognition and Mobility (Russian ENIC/NARIC):

Contains a wealth of information on education in Russia including details about the education system, higher education institutions, quality assessments & legal frameworks as well as international frameworks
Russian Education Database:

Provides a wealth of information about Russian institutions of higher and secondary education, including financial and social aspects as well as foreign credential evaluation
Additional Links
Education Glossary:

Glossary of Russian-language education terms in transliteration
Russian State Library:

Allows searching by name for scholars; may be used to verify Kandidat Nauk credentials